Level Up smoothing gel

Level Up smoothing gel

Tämä tuote on ostettavissa vain ammattilaistunnuksilla. 

This gel is very universal and can be applied in many ways. It is a mysterious gel and is not possible to explain the feel. You need to try it to understand why we consider Mosaic must have this gel!

Level Up is a clear gel that can smooth any surface quickly.

You can apply it very thin or thicker. Either on natural nail or artificial sculpted nail after filing - to achieve a perfect surface for color application.

Can be applied:
- on a natural nail to smooth the surface before color coat application

- on an artificial layer after shaping with file (replaces buffing file)

- during refill service to the cuticle area as a filling gel

Level Up is also a perfect manicure gel which requires no natural nail buffing and no Top coat.



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